Caption: Kenya Private Schools Association Chairman Peter Ndoro. 

Private and international schools now want the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to be disbanded and made an agency in the Ministry of Education.

The Kenya Private Schools Association (KPSA) and the Kenya Association of International Schools (Kais) said TSC should be establish as a strong semi- autonomous government agency with a part time council drawn from the critical education stakeholders within the Ministry of Education.

The schools made the proposal during the fifth day of BBI report validation hearings at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Nairobi.

Mr Peter Ndoro for KPSA and Ms Jane Mwangi for Kais, told the Yusuf Haji-led team, that making the commission independent has led to duplication of roles.

“This would immediately remove all conflict and duplication of roles between the TSC and the Ministry of Education,” they said.

The associations said TSC is an employer just like private schools and therefore should not dictate what other employers do.